'Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2' Teaser Trailer Arrives: Kristen Stewart is a Vampire (Video)

The final chapter in Summit's teen vampire romance offers a clipped look at the newly undead Bella.

The Hunger Games earned $155 million this past weekend. Your move, Twilight Saga.

On the heels of the box office bonanza scored by the Gary Ross-directed big screen adaptation of the hit Suzanne Collins book, Lionsgate has pulled the curtain up just a bit more on its other prize YA franchise with the release of the new Breaking Dawn, Part 2 teaser trailer. The studio bought Twilight production house Summit in large part due to the cash cow that is the megahit adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's four book (and five film) series, and with one film left, they're doing everything they can to milk it for all its worth.

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Nearly eight months ahead of its November 16 release, the 48 second clip begins with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) holding up her famed oval wedding ring, then quickly shows off her newly acquired vampire powers. Then, there is the introduction of her husband (and baby's partner) Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the other side of their one-time love triangle, Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

The most recent film in the saga, last summer's first half of Breaking Dawn, took in $138 million on opening weekend, a slight fall from the previous high of $142 million for the second chapter, New Moon. Now, all eyes are on the finale to see if it will surpass the Hunger Games high.

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