'Twilight: Breaking Dawn's' Robert Pattinson on Working Opposite Faux Bella Cullen; Possibility of Joining Twitter (Video)

The actor also opens up to THR.com editor Joseph Kapsch about having a new director -- Bill Condon -- come aboard the final two films in the franchise.

Robert Pattinson has played a vampire in the Twilight movies and acted opposite an pachyderm in Water for Elephants, but he says he wasn't quite prepared for his most recent challenge: working with a "dead" Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1.

SPOILER ALERT: In the movie, Pattinson's vampire character, Edward, and Stewart's Bella get married, and she soon becomes pregnant with his baby. During the birth, Bella dies, and Edward saves her by turning her into a vampire.

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That scene required a prosthetic body double for Stewart, which Pattinson called "very strange," and not just because the rubber stand-in was created with a head that looked just like his leading lady.

"The whole movie, the whole series, is about us being together and then suddenly having her dead in front of me, it was very strange," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

"And it was actually pretty moving, I mean just to be there and kind of look, at this sort of really emaciated rubber body, rubber figure of Kristen, it was very depressing," he added, laughing.

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Breaking Dawn -- Parts 1 and 2 -- the final two films in Summit Entertainment's five-movie franchise -- featured a newcomer to the Twilight Saga: director Bill Condon, who helmed both of the movies, which were shot back-to-back over several months.

For his part, Pattinson said each of the movie's directors -- who also have included Catherine Hardwicke (2008's Twilight), Chris Weitz (2009's New Moon) and David Slade (2010's Eclipse) -- have brought a "totally opposite personality" to the films. But he has nothing but praise for Condon.

"He came to us very early on to meet me, Kristen and Taylor when the was script still in development and asked what we wanted to do with our characters, which I thought it was kind of amazing," he said. "I mean, the script was nowhere near being finished yet, and I had a meeting with him for nine hours or something. It's kind of selfless: he was coming to me first before he really had totally solid ideas about what he wanted to do. It was a really great start."

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Breaking Dawn -- Part 1 had its premiere Monday night at the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, where fans camped out for days just to get a glimpse of the movie's stars. Yet to the disappointment of their rabid fan base, Pattinson, Stewart and fellow star Taylor Lautner have yet to join Twitter.

Asked if he might join the social networking site anytime soon, Pattinson replied: "I doubt it, I mean, I've been so passionately against it for so many years and I feel like, and I'd feel like I was selling out a little bit."

Breaking Dawn -- Part 1 opens Friday.