'Twilight' dims for Til Schweiger

Casting show reduced to a bit role on RTL

COLOGNE, Germany -- It was planned as a clever way to capitalize on the dual success of "you can be a star" reality shows and the "Twilight" franchise. In "Mission Hollywood," on commercial network RTL, 12 young actresses compete for a role in the next "Twilight" movie.

But despite massive hype ahead of the show's premiere and the local superstar status of actor host Til Schweiger, "Mission Hollywood" has been a ratings flop. "Mission Hollywood" debuted with an 8.2% market share, well below RTL's average, and has moved south ever since.

Now RTL has pulled the plug, moving "Mission Hollywood" from Monday primetime to Saturday afternoons. RTL will fill the primetime gap with reruns of its hit reality show "Rach, the Restaurant Tester."