'Twilight,' 'Harry Potter' Trailers Most Searched on Google in 2010

The search giant’s annual survey reveals that Justin Bieber edged out Netflix, Youtube videos, Lady Gaga and "Transformers 3."

NEW YORK - Twilight: Eclipse followed by Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and Iron Man 2 were the most-searched movie trailers on Google this year, while Lost, American Idol and Saturday Night Live were the top-searched TV shows, the Internet giant said in its annual review of search trends on Thursday.

Among fastest-rising entertainment topics on a global basis, Justin Bieber edged out Shakira, Eminem, Netflix, Youtube videos and Lady Gaga. Transformers 3 came in 10th.

Among the top 10 fastest-rising topics in the U.S., the iPad took the top spot, followed by Chatroulette and the iPhone 4. Bieber came in fifth, and Fox hit show Glee ranks ninth.

Jersey Shore took the top honor among fastest-rising Google Image searches in 2010, followed by Ke$ha and Bieber.
The most searched for events of the year included the soccer World Cup, the Olympics and the BP oil spill.

The results are all part of Google's annual Zeitgeist review (http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/zeitgeist-2010-how-world-searched.html). "Zeitgeist" is German for “the spirit of the times.”