'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Star Kristen Stewart's Photoshop of Horrors: Left Arm Hacked Off Magazine Cover

In the latest magazine cover gaffe subjected on the actress, Stewart is missing part of her appendage on November's Glamour.

It's not easy being a celebrity. As hard as your publicists sweat and struggle to keep tight control of your image, demanding approval of any photo that appears in a magazine, on a film poster or in an advertisement, sometimes there are slip-ups.

Take Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn star Kristen Stewart on the November cover of Glamour. I bet her people were simply too busy to notice that the poor girl is minus the lower part of her left arm. Even more embarrassing, It took those intrepid journalists  at the Daily Mail to point it out and include it their update of other overzealous (or just plain blind) airbrushing of Beyonce's thighs and Adam Levine's torso.

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There Robert Pattinson's real-life squeeze sits, looking pretty in a pink top and jeans with ... one arm? Curse you, overzealous airbrusher! These ongoing PhotoShop of Horrors must stop!

This isn't the star of the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman's first airbrush with disaster. February's Vogue spread retouched her into a completely unidentifiable generic blond with slanted eyes and fuller lips a la Lindsay Lohan. Like her fans wouldn't notice that she's had a face transplant?

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Once Stewart was even cursed with a mole. A Slovakian magazine named EVA added the mole in 2010. I find it best to call moles beauty marks. I once asked Cindy Crawford about her mole, and she shot daggers at me as she snarled, "Beauty mark. It's called a beauty mark."

Whatever. If they're so gosh darn beautiful, why did Sarah Jessica Parker remove her famous beauty mark/mole back in 2008? One day it was there, the next day, gone.

We'll always miss that little mole.

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