Twitch Partners With Arnold Schwarzenegger for Summit on Race and Equity

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Participants in this weekend's event include Soledad O'Brien, Usher, Lee Daniels and Nas.

Twitch will host a live homepage takeover event titled Unfinished Business: Race and Equity in America this weekend.

The Amazon-owned platform has partnered with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, media company ATTN, the University of Southern California and Reverend Al Sharpton for the summit event, which will include digital live-streamed panels about how to fight racism and inequality with speakers from across a range of industries.

"Twitch has always been a place for our community to gather and openly engage with one another, and we are honored to partner with this incredible group of activists to host this conversation," said Michael Aragon, SVP of content at Twitch, in a statement. "We're bringing together people from around the world and across cultures, and on Twitch everyone will have the opportunity to share diverse perspectives, learn from each other, and discuss some of the most important topics we're facing today."

Topics, each framed within the perspective of how they relate to racial issues, include voting rights, housing, public safety, gaming, education and more. Participants include broadcast journalist Soledad O'Brien, Usher, filmmaker Lee Daniels and rapper Nas.

Schwarzenegger said in a statement, "We’ve seen millions of our fellow citizens take to the streets to demand equality and it is our duty as Americans to listen to them. Our summit will put a spotlight on leaders all over the country who are fighting for reform, because we have heard enough dialogue and now it is time for action."

He continued, "I don’t believe in summits where we all talk just to hear ourselves talk — I want our summit to focus on concrete policies that we can enact now, to create a new era of civil rights. As someone who owes this country everything, I can’t stand that a Black kid born in Minneapolis doesn’t have the same opportunity as a white bodybuilder born in Thal, Austria. It is time for change to finish the job our founding fathers started."

The event will take place Oct. 16 through Oct. 18, with programming from 12-4 p.m. PT each day. View the schedule here.