Twitter Dropping 140-Character Limit on Direct Messages

AP Images

Starting in July, Twitter will allow people to send longer messages through its private direct messaging feature.

Twitter is making it easier for people to message each other through its platform. 

The social media company plans to drop the 140-character limit to its direct messaging feature, allowing people to compose longer notes to one another. 

The company announced the move on its developer forum on Thursday, noting that beginning in July there will no longer be a limit to private one-on-one messages sent through the DM feature. This change will not affect Twitter's public service, which will continue to limit tweets to 140 characters.

Direct messages have traditionally been a way for people who follow each other on Twitter to communicate privately. In April, Twitter announced that it would allow people to accept DMs from anyone, regardless of whether they followed each other.

The evolution of the Twitter DM comes as messaging has become a key feature for competitors including Facebook, which recently created a separate app for messaging.