Twitter Explodes After Keith Olbermann Announces Move to Current TV

Donna Ward/Getty Images

Some followers warn it's "not a good idea," while another cheers, saying the "vacuum left at MSNBC is painful."

Twitter exploded after it was announced Keith Olbermann would host a nightly primetime news show on Current TV.

"Olbermann to Join Current TV? This isn't a good idea, Keith. Has anyone ever turned on this station? Why not hold out for something better?" wrote AndyTarnoff.

Current TV has about 60 million subscribers compared to MSNBC's 85 million.

Quipped blambrecht: "Olbermann to the Gore network? Can this be a good move? Maybe The Onion would have been better."

Wrote rob_addison: "Al Gore, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann #CircleOfJerks"

"Rumor is #Olbermann is going to Al #Gore 's #Current }TV - the most obscure, least watched #cable channel on #earth," added @MarkSimoneNY.

@iowahawkblog Dammit. I know gore owns the network, but there's still one show I like on it. Don't fuck this up for me, olbermann. #VVFS

Some Twitter followers seemed to support Olbermann, who was fired by MSNBC last month.

Wrote @willmckinley, "Olbermann: "Nothing is more vital...than news produced independently of corporate interference." Take that, @msnbc. #FOK." (#FOK is a Twitter trend Olbermann started last month, referring to 'FOK News Channel.)

"@KeithOlbermann congratulations mr olbermann.. glad to have you back. the vacuum left at msnbc is painful. thanks for giving us rachel and L[awrence] O'Donnel]," wizard2048 wrote.

GoNewsNOW: "Keith Olbermann's new position is a perfect fit toward his eventual role as "World President of Intergalactic Free Press"! Go For it Keith!!"

Some pondered what the move meant for television and news overall.

Tylercralle, "So AOL puts Arianna in charge of news & current puts olbermann in charge of theirs. What was that again about liberal bias in news dept?"

Added another: "Olbermann on Current TV. Crazy! Analogy: Does this mean new digital entities are what cable channels were to broadcast channels? #CurrentTV

As the announcement was made, Olbermann Twittered, "Greetings from Keith Olbermann, Chief News Officer of Current Media! And awayyyyyy we go! #FOK"