Twitter Explodes After Steve Carell's 'Office' Marriage Proposal


A former show writer says the actor -- who is departing the show this season -- deserves an Emmy for playing Michael Scott on the NBC comedy, while several other viewers admit to tearing up.

After The Office aired Thursday night, Steve Carell's character's name, Michael Scott, instantly became a top trending on Twitter.

Most people gave the episode -- in which Scott proposes to his girlfriend, Holly (Amy Ryan), and announces he's moving to Colorado -- a thumbs-up. Former Office writer Michael Schur even tweeted that Carell deserves an award for his performance.
"Just sitting here watching The Office," wrote Schur, who now executive produces NBC's Parks & Recreation. "I'm gonna look up whether Steve Carell has ever won an Emmy. (later) Nope. He hasn't. Imagine that."
So what did viewers have to say about the episode?
"The Office was awesome!!! Michael Scott!!! Wow. Happy. Wow," wrote Twitter user Jeremiah Daws.
Wrote a tweeter identified as "Cassandra": "Aw, Michael Scott is trending. This week's #TheOffice  was so sweet. (And hilarious)"
It seems that most Twitter users felt that way about the episode, which caused more than a few to tear up.
"Call me a sap but I cried when Michael Scott asked Holly to marry him on the office," Jacqueine M. Echols wrote.
Added Katelin Holloway: "Michael Scott + Holly = True <3 #tvmakesmecry"
Even those who were not huge fans of Scott praised the episode.
"WOW. Michael Scott's proposal was soooooooooooooo sweet!!!! First time in 7 years I didn't find him annoying," wrote a tweeter called Dfantasy.
And Claudia Bennett praised the show's writing staff: "::slow clap:: Goodbye Michael Scott - didn't think it'd happen, but the writers found a good way to exit him. Beautiful proposal"
Still, not everyone was a fan of the episode, which ended with the announcer saying Will Ferrell is the "new boss." (Ferrell, who has signed on for a multiepisode arc, also immediately became a top 10 trending topic on Twitter.)
"Did anyone else well-up when Michael Scott asked Holly to marry him? Naa, me either," wrote Rick Fortson, to which "Heather" responded: "All eyes were dry here too ;)"
Justin Ivey, meanwhile, predicted doom for the comedy series: "There's no way The Office lasts more than one season without Michael Scott. Dwight's not enough to carry the show."

Added Luke Dor: “As much as I love will ferrel [sic], no one could ever replace Steve Carell as MichaelScott. Very sad for me to Steve Carell move on.”

And it seems that not everyone even was aware Steve Carell was leaving the show. Wrote Joon Son: "Michael scott is leaving the office?! Wow. Punch to the face.. I need to watch the latest season"