Twitter May Expand Tweet Limit to 10,000 Characters (Report)

Twitter - H 2015
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Twitter - H 2015

Twitter currently caps tweets at 140 characters.

Twitter feeds could soon get much longer. 

Twitter is working on a new product that would allow its users to extend the length of their tweets, according to a report in Re/Code. The feature, which could launch as soon as March, would increase the character limit on tweets to 10,000 characters. 

Twitter currently caps tweets at 140 characters, though in August it changed its direct message feature to accept private tweets of up to 10,000 characters. There have been a variety of outside services that allow people to tweet longer messages, typically by publishing a link to the full text of their messages. 

A increase in character limit on tweets would give Twitter users more flexibility when writing posts and could allow for multiple paragraphs of text — or even entire news articles to be published — in the body of a tweet. It could also potentially change the way publishers and advertisers interact with audiences on the platform. 

Twitter has made several changes to its service since co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey returned to lead the business in July, first on an interim basis and later as permanent CEO. In October the company unveiled Moments, a feature that aggregates a constantly updating collection of tweets, photos and videos around topics and events. These moves are part of Dorsey's effort to boost stagnant user growth and become a more focused service. 

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.