Twitter Parodies the New Pontiff by Replacing Movie Titles With 'Pope'

Pope Francis I Balcony - H 2013
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Pope Francis I Balcony - H 2013

As news broke that the Catholic Church was ready to name its new leader, film buffs on the web poked fun at the proceedings with an addictive new hashtag.

Sure, there were Romans and lions and all those obstacles, at least the earliest saints didn't have to deal with Twitter snark.

As the Catholic Church prepared to name its new pope, the internet celebrated the historic occasion with an assortment of jokes and pop culture references, just as it does any other prominent news event. Hollywood and media figures spent much of the afternoon tweeting punch lines, while movie fans decided to stick the new pontiff -- Jorge Mario Bergoglio -- into the titles of mega motion pictures.

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Some of the top tweeted titles included "The Pope Lebowski," "Sex, Pope and Videotape," "Pope Fiction," and "The Pope with the Dragon Tattoo."

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