Twitter Pundits Weigh in on Oscars

Comics and writers take their best shots via Twitter during the Academy Awards.

It was the year Twitter officially ruled the Oscars.

With even the co-host, James Franco, tweeting during the show, 2011 seemed a watershed moment for the Oscars and the social networking service, which provided needed respite from several dull moments.

Naturally, it was comedians and writers who made the most out of the telecast on Twitter. Here is a round-up of a few of the top tweets.

Comic Patton Oswalt took he time to share his thoughts of one of the music performances during the show.

"Enya is watching Florence Welch right now, silently jabbing a fork into her hand under the table," he wrote.

"90% of the audience would consider performing fellatio on Ricky Gervais if he'd get up onstage and do 5 minutes," snarked John Fugelsang.

Chicago-based film critic Roger Ebert was having fun Sunday on his Twitter account, too, noting:  "If Bruce Vilanch is within 50 miles of the Kodak Pavilion, they should helicopter his ass in there and put him to work rewriting this dreck."

He also called the show the worst in years, saying: "The worst Oscarcast I've seen, and I go back awhile. Some great winners, a nice distribution of awards, but the show? Dead. In. The. Water."

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"Randy Newman just won another Oscar another year for the same song," noted comic Marc Maron. "The commercials are actually stabilizing my sadness over the show," he continued. "Maybe that's what they are trying to do."

Others got in their digs as well.

"Melissa Leo is providing the most moving four hundred hours in Oscar history," wrote former Defamer editor Mark Lisanti on his Twitter feed.

Vincent Gallo (or an account taking on his name) wryly wrote that he was "Getting high backstage with that douchebag James Franco."

But it wasn't just comics and actors getting in the digs Sunday.  A. O. Scott at the New York Times poked fun of the show in his own way.

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"Bob Hope! #youngandhiposcars," he wrote.

Former Gawker editor Gabriel Snyder offered up his thoughts on a music moment during the Oscars.

"Wait, Gwyneth Paltrow is Country Music's newest star? Are both Gwyneth Paltrow and Country Music okay with that?"