Twitter Reacts to Charlie Sheen Detroit Disaster

Most people aren't surprised the actor bombed during the first stop of his live tour Saturday night.

It seems Charlie Sheen is the only person who expected his live tour to do well. After walk-outs and boos forced the actor to end his first show early, Twitter exploded with derisive comments about Sheen and everyone who bought tickets to the event.

Film analyst Scott Feinburg summed up the general sentiment: "Charlie Sheen... #Losing?"

It seemed the show was doomed from the start, as THR reporter David Rooney noted as he walked into the venue, "This isn't your average theater crowd: found a quart of rum and empty Ziploc coke baggie in the men's room."

It was all downhill from there. Audience member Rob Moynihan tweeted during the show, "The Charlie Sheen show is THE worst thing I've ever seen."

Reporter Bill Shea, who also was also in the crowd, lamented afterwards, "I felt like I was present at a historic moment, and not a good one."

There was little sympathy to be found for those complaining about the show.

"Seriously is anyone surprised at what's going down in Detroit right now? #charliesheen," wrote user masked scheduler.

Miss Banshee also berated the audience members who expected more. "People who spent money to watch Sheen self-destruct should be ashamed of themselves. People make me sick."

Music journalist David Wild agreed: "Best Technical Definition of 'Disposable Income': Any money spent buying tickets to see #CharlieSheenLive"

Matthew Corleone put a more positive spin on the night. "Wanna know why Charlie Sheen still #winning? He mighta got booed off but he got all the fans' money."

The main point of discussion on Twitter was whether the tour would continue after the evening's trainwreck.

"So the big question now: Will there be a second night for Charlie Sheen's tour?" TV Guide's Michael Schneider asked.

Others worried about the safety of the people involved in the show following its termination.

"Let's assume the @charliesheen "tour" is over. Detroit ladies of the night, be careful this evening," Kate Aurthur warned.

Jeremy Friedmann was more concerned about Sheen himself, predicting, "Just want to call it before it happens, Charlie Sheen WILL be dead by tomorrow morning."