Twitter Reveals Number of Active Users For the First Time


The company says it has 100 million active users and shares a mountain of other statistics about the popular social networking service.

Twitter has revealed it currently has 100 million active users. That's roughly half of the more than 200 million total accounts that the social networking company announced had been created last April.

The statistic came during a press event Thursday at the company's San Francisco headquarters and is the first time Twitter has said how many people are actively using the site.

Other interesting Twitter stats shared at the event:

- 40% of active accounts have not tweeted in the last month, making them "lurkers" in online parlance.

- 230 million Tweets are sent each day. That's up 110% from the beginning of the year.

- Twitter gets 400 unique visitors per month.

- 50 million users log in to Twitter every day.

- Over 55 percent of active users access Twitter on a mobile device.

- Twitter is on track to add 26 million users in the next four months. That's as many users as it added in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, combined.

- 50 percent of NFL athletes and 75 percent of NBA players use Twitter

- 82 percent of U.S. House of Representatives uses Twitter

- 85 percent of U.S. Senate uses Twitter

- 87 percent of Billboard's Top 100 Musicians use Twitter

- 93 percent of Food Network's chefs use Twitter

- Twitter is used in 12 languages currently and will be adding Hindi, Filipino, Malay and Simplified and Traditional Chinese in the coming weeks.