Twitter Rolls Out New Tool to Stop Harassment

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The company is teaming with a women's advocacy group on the project

Twitter is taking decisive action in the face of harassment claims by its users. 

The social media company is teaming with nonprofit group Women, Action & the Media (WAM) on a tool that allows Twitter users to report abuse or harassment and receive a response within 24 hours.

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The form asks whether racist or sexual threats were involved and if the victims are concerned for their safety.

WAM executive director Jaclyn Friedman told The Wall Street Journal that her group approached Twitter to improve its reaction to such threats. The organization plans to maintain the project indefinitely and will make its findings public while also monitoring Twitter's responses to the reports. 

The tool arrives following the Gamergate controversy from earlier this year, when women who complained about the sexist depiction of women in video games were targeted with threatening messages.

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