Twitter Users Exploit Trump Website Vulnerability to Mock President, Slam GOP Health Bill

Social media is having a field day creating fake URLs that appear within the official site.

The Trump Administration has another tech headache to sort out after Reddit users found a glaring vulnerability on that allows people to create their own URLs within the official site. 

Links to Trump's campaign website with the URL "my plan to fuck the poor" started to spread on Twitter early Tuesday morning, with many people initially under the impression they were real, given that they linked directly to the press release section of the President's website. Within hours more and more outlandish URLs started proliferating as word spread of the website's vulnerability.

The vast majority of the URLs trending so far have been slamming the GOP health-care bill, the ACHA, which squeaked through the House last week. Some choice URLs include "as long as I still get my cialis and lipitor" and "lets kill some poor people."