Twitter-Watch: Hollywood Sounds Off on 'American Idol's' Return

Michael Becker/FOX

Famous fans and loyal viewers don't seem to be missing Simon.

It seems like most of the country was tuned in to Wednesday's tenth season premiere of American Idol, with everyone from AI judge Jennifer Lopez's Monster-in-Law co-star Jane Fonda to Glee's Amber Patrice Riley heading to their keyboards to tweet their feedback. And judging from the overwhelming praise for the show that fans posted on The Hollywood Reporter's Facebook page, it looks like Fox's hit competition series hasn't lost its golden touch. Here's how Hollywood responded:

"Watching American Idol. Want to see Jennifer as judge. She told me Stephen Tyler makes her laugh a lot. Yeah!!"

-- Jane Fonda


"So is Idol now just a chance for people to worship at the altar of JLO?"

-- Screenwriter-producer Josh Schwartz


"Loved Travis' voice, such a sweet amazing voice and such a touching story :) glad he made it!"

-- Glee's Amber Patrice Riley


"My TiVo didn't record Cougartown or Top Chef but it did get Idol -- is Steven Tyler making anyone else uncomfortable?"

 -- Cougar Town's Busy Philipps


"#Tylerisms 'U got the whatitizness.' "

-- Nigel Lythgoe


"Steven Tyler may bring down American Idol with the largest sexual harassment suit in reality show history. I say that as a compliment."

-- Josh Schwartz