Twitter's 10 Most Discussed Super Bowl Topics

From #greenandyellow to Lombardi Trophy, the big game dominated the site Sunday.

Messages about the Super Bowl dominated Twitter on Sunday.

In fact, #superbowl stayed perched atop the top 10 list of most popular topics throughout the game and afterward.

But what else dominated the Twitter talk? Here are 10 of the most popular Super Bowl topics on the site Sunday as the game came to an end.

1. #superbowl

2. #sb45

3. #greenandyellow (a reference to the winning team, the Green Bay Packers)

4. Roger Staubach (former NFL great who presented after the game was over)

5. Terry Bradshaw (Fox commentator)

6. Lombardi Trophy

7. Omar Epps and Mike Tomlin (many Twitter users thought that Tomlin, the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, resembles the actor)

8. Sketchers (the shoemaker debuted an ad during the game that stars Kim Kardashian)

9. Greg Jennings (the Green Bay wide receiver who scored two touchdowns Sunday)

10. Puppy Bowl (Animal Planet's counterprogram to the Super Bowl)