Twitters Users React to Lance Armstrong Expose on '60 Minutes'

tyler Hamilton, left, and Lance Armstrong

The CBS News program featured an interview with former teammate Tyler Hamilton alleging that Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times.

After Sunday night's 60 Minutes broadcast, Twitter users took to the social networking site to share their reactions to the piece alleging that Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times.

The piece, portions of which were aired on CBS Evening News on Thursday and Friday, featured an interview with former teammate Tyler Hamilton, who says he and Armstrong both used "EPO ... testosterone ... a blood transfusion" while competing.

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Armstrong strongly denies the allegations, but many on Twitter were convinced by Hamilton's statements.

"Just watched 60 minute interview with Tyler Hamilton talking EPO doping and Lance Armstrong wow powerful words Tyler. #procycling," wrote Jamie Grant.

Added Art Thiel: "60 Minutes interview w/cyclist Tyler Hamilton: Lance Armstrong 'a liar and a cheat.' As was Hamilton. Powerful account."

Added Barbara Benham: "Lance Armstrong: It's sad and strange that these accusations don't go away. His response seems aggressive, even desperate. Thoughts?"

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Chris LaBossiere wrote: "Lance Armstrong. Screwed. Deservedly."

"Looks like golden boy Lance Armstrong isn't so golden after all," added D Conrad.

"60 Minutes brought up some damaging information in the Lance Armstrong situation. He looks guilty of steroids and LYING to the government," Darren Rushing wrote.

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Two others put it more bluntly:

"Wow, Lance Armstrong is f---ed. This 60 minutes is devastating," wrote a tweeter known only as Lavigne, while Andrew Calver typed: "Lance Armstrong. #peoplewhoaref---ed."

Still, Armstong did have at least one supporter.

"Whoever thinks Lance Armstrong cheated is an idiot!!!!!" wrote Kevin Harden.

And another tweeter identified only as Mockit was ambivalent about the whole thing: "60 Minutes ran a story that Lance Armstrong encouraged doping. Let's check the scandal meter...2.8. Back to Arnold..."