Twittersphere take on rebrand: 'Sigh'


NBC Universal's decision to jettison the Sci Fi Channel brand has been met with an outpouring of fanboy ridicule as genre partisans take to Twitter and message boards to register disdain for the new Syfy label.

The Internet has been crackling with indignation since the release hit the wires at about 9 a.m. Monday that the 16-year-old cable network will change its name in July. Comments on Twitter have ranged from slangy incredulity ("WTF? What kind of stuff are you marketroids at Sci Fi smoking?") to hyperbole ("Syfy makes me vomit tears").

On AintItCoolNews, fans were merciless. "Sounds like the name of a water bottling company," one wrote.

Even some media got in on the action: "What the frak are they thinking?" Wired asked. "Dumbest rebranding ever," the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said.

NBC Uni anticipated that the switch would generate heat, but Sci Fi president Dave Howe said the network was ripe for a semantic overhaul.

Anthony Crupi, a senior editor at Mediaweek, reported from New York; James Hibberd reported from Los Angeles.