'Two and a Half Men' Fans Bash Charlie Sheen on Twitter

Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

Charlie Sheen isn't coming out on top among Two and a Half Men fans.

Following Thursday's announcement that the remainder of the CBS show's season is being scrapped after Sheen's bizarre rant against co-creator Chuck Lorre, fans took to Twitter to slam the actor, 45.
Many are rallying behind Sheen's costar Jon Cryer, hoping the show will still go on.
"Here's hoping 2-1/2 Men carries on sans psyco Charlie Sheen. John Cryer can carry it!" read one message.
Another wrote: "CBS should give John Cryer his own spinoff show to give Sheen a giant middle finger salute."
"With The Charlie Sheen troubles America wishes the producers will do a spin off with John Cryer,and jake,and the maid,and mom,we would watch," a third fan Tweeted.
After reading Sheen's bizarre open letter to show co-creator Lorre, others likened the troubled actor to Libya's embattled Moammar Gadhaf.
Snipped one Men fan: "Does anyone else think that Charlie Sheen and Gadhafi seem to be ranting in similar fashion? A little disconnected from the real world?" Another added: "I'm not sure who had a more delusional statement released this week, Gaddafi or Charlie Sheen."
One thing is clear: Fans aren't sympathetic to Sheen (who says he still plans to show up to work Tuesday) anymore. (A few weeks ago, he still had a favorable review among fans in a THR poll.)
"I don't even care if Charlie Sheen gets help. I just want him to rot," Tweeted a fan after Thursday's announcement.
Another chimed in: "charlie sheen, they were paying you $2 million an episode. i'm sure the job wasn't that awful."