'Two and a Half Men' to Resume Production Feb. 28

Charlie Sheen - Two and a Half Men - TV Still: group @ ginner table -  2010
Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

Sources tell THR the cast and crew of the CBS comedy are heading back to work.

Two and a Half Men will resume production Feb. 28, sources confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Four more episodes will be produced this season, instead of eight as originally planned.

The CBS comedy has been on hiatus since Charlie Sheen entered rehab Jan. 28, a day after being admitted to a hospital because of abdominal pain.

Up to $250 million in domestic syndication deals -- as well as millions more in ad revenue -- were in jeopardy because of the shutdown. Sheen reportedly offered to cover one-third of the salaries of the Two and a Half Men crew during the shutdown if CBS and Warner Bros. TV would pay the rest.

Late last month, CBS ordered ordered two additional episodes of Monday sitcoms Mike and Molly and Rules of Engagement to help cope with scheduling issues arising from Sheen's absence.

During the hiatus, Sheen has generated a slew of headlines with a series of erratic comments.

On Friday, he gave an impromptu anti-drug speech to the UCLA baseball team, telling them to "stay off the crack."

He also at one point compared himself to Errol Flynn, "who had to put down his sword on occasion," while thanking his fellow cast members and crew, who were affected by the shutdown.

On Monday in an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Sheen criticized unnamed CBS and Warner Bros. execs for not allowing him to return to work.

He implied that he has already returned to the Los Angeles set and was "banging on the stage door" but no one would let him back in. 

"[The execs] said 'You get ready and we'll get ready' ... and I got ready and went back and nobody was there ... I don't know what to tell ya," Sheen said, adding that he was now "100 percent ... peeing clean."

Asked when he was scheduled to return, he cracked, "August of 2014 -- at this pace."

On Wednesday, Sheen called back in to The Dan Patrick Show and said he would be back at work March 1 and is definitely returning to the show "because I have a two-year deal."

Sources previously confirmed a TMZ report that says Sheen has never had a morals clause in his contract, which would allow Warner Bros. to fire him if he engaged in improper conduct that reflected badly on the show. 

"Yeah, blah blah, nit pick, nit pick, but I don't think it covers, 'Let us totally dominate and interfere with your personal life,' " Sheen said of the morals clause. "I am a man of my word. I have a contract. They said, 'Get your act together,' and I did."