Two exit Fortune Star


HONG KONG – Production and distribution outfit Fortune Star Entertainment's general manager, Peter Poon, and vice president, May Yip, have resigned.

Yip, formerly the Head of Distribution, is leaving the company Monday. Her next move will be announced in early January. Poon will vacate his post in mid-January.

Fortune Star Entertainment (HK) is the film and television production and distribution arm of STAR television, a News Corps subsidiary. Its main focus is the distribution of the film library of more than 600 Chinese language films, which includes works starring Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li. It also produces feature films and high-definition movies, the most notable of which is the upcoming "Gold Bandits" starring Leon Lai, Kelly Chen and Donnie Yen, scheduled for 2009. Poon has a producer credit on the film.

Fortune Star declined to comment on the staff changes or replacements.