Two HD docus get Pitch funding

NHK, Mediacorp extend documentary production cooperation

HONG KONG -- Documentary projects "Transmission: Listening to the Mountain’s Message" and "Red Box" will receive full funding from Japanese public broadcaster NHK and Singaporean state-controlled broadcaster MediaCorp following the latest round of their high-definition competition "The Asian Pitch."

From the many HD projects which applied, organizers pre-selected over 100 and then invited the producers of 13 to pitch their work to a panel of judges in a closed session. The two winners were selected Friday.

MediaCorp's Caldecott Productions International and NHK own the rights to the finished shows, with MediaCorp.'s content division then handling international distribution.

The two companies Monday announced that they will extend their co-operation in "The Asian Pitch" for another three years. "The past two years have proven that there are fascinating untold stories and skilful new talent out there in Asia waiting to be discovered. We are very happy to be able to work with MediaCorp to offer the local filmmakers a chance to tell their stories to the world," Fumio Narashima, head of NHK's international program development, said.

"Transmission," by Shohei Shibata examines the handing down of rural traditions from one generation to another in contemporary Japan. "Red Box" is a portrait of an elderly man who has revived the traditional Taiwanese art of glove puppetry and brought it to the international stage.
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