Two Locarno sidebars lock juries


ROME -- The Locarno Film Festival on Tuesday announced the juries for two of the festival's key sidebars: the Filmmakers of the Present and the Leopard for Best First Film.

The Filmmakers of the Present sidebar -- which focuses on innovative filmmaking -- will be presided over by a jury comprising Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf, who took home last year's Filmmakers of the Present prize; French director Betrand Bonello; Argentina's Albertina Carri; Brazilian director Cao Guimaraes; and Swiss artist Franz Treichler. The sidebar is one of the oldest at the venerable Locarno festival.

The Leopard for Best First Film, on the other hand, is only in its third year. It selects the best film by a first-time director from among those screening in the main competition plus those in the Filmmakers of the Present.

Jury members deciding that prize will be Italy's Corso Salani, a former Filmmakers of the Present prize winner; Romanian director Cristi Puiu; and Franco-Danish producer Marianne Slot.

The main competition jury will be announced in the coming weeks.

This year's Locarno festival, the 61st edition, will take place Aug. 6-16.