'Two Night Stand' Stars Miles Teller, Kid Cudi Celebrate One Memorable Hollywood Premiere Night

Miles Teller Jessica Szohr - H 2014
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Miles Teller Jessica Szohr - H 2014

The indie rom-com stars finds two 20-somethings snowed in following a not entirely successful hookup

The Los Angeles premiere of Two Night Stand on Tuesday night at the TCL Chinese Theatre marked Miles Teller’s fourth movie release in 2014, and with another four films in postproduction, the actor has a busy slate. But even with upcoming projects such as the reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise in the works, Teller told The Hollywood Reporter that he has every intention of remaining loyal to the genre that helped him skyrocket to fame.

“Romantic comedy’s been a genre that’s kind of been thrown under the bus a lot, and it’s used as a genre that’s not expected for a high level of acting, and a high level of story,” said Teller. "But back in the day, when it was Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Billy Crystal and John Cusack, those were the movies that everybody loved."

Though the indie romantic comedy Two Night Stand has been in the works for a while now, its plot — revolving around online dating and modern hookup culture — is more topical than ever. Filmed over 19 days in 2012 in New York, during Hurricane Sandy, no less, Two Night Stand deals with another type of inclement weather — a blizzard — which snows in 20-somethings Alec (Miles Teller) and Megan (Analeigh Tipton) the morning after an impulsive, and not entirely successful, hookup.

“I’ve done comedies that didn’t have enough heart in them, and you feel like something’s kind of lacking,” said Teller, “But I think if you can find the right script, it should hit all the buttons. And at the end of the movie, the guy and the girl should get together, and it should be a good feeling.”

Heralded as a member of Hollywood’s modern-day “brat pack,” Teller has emerged as a sought-after leading man, but says that his approach to picking projects begins first and foremost with the most basic component.

“It’s really all about the script with romantic comedies, and hopefully as an actor you’re [choosing] a movie based on the script,” Teller said. “For me, it goes script, director, producers, actors.”

Written by Mark Hammer, Two Night Stand is the directorial debut of Max Nichols, son of director Mike Nichols, of The Graduate fame. For Nichols, both Two Night Stand's script and charismatic leading actors were encouragement enough to try his hand at directing.

“It was one of those things where I went into meeting them for the first time with an extremely high opinion of their work, and the actual people turned out to be cooler than the work I had had a chance to see,” Nichols said of Teller and Tipton. “It was pretty much instantaneous with both of them. I loved the characters as Mike Hammer wrote them on the page, and, just instantly, Miles and Analeigh had chemistry.”

The film’s supporting cast includes Jessica Szohr, and marks one of the first substantial film roles for rapper Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi, who was handpicked by Nichols to play Cedric, the boyfriend of Szohr’s character.

“When we went to cast Cedric, we said, ‘Man, Cedric is so funny in all of the scenes that he’s in,’ ” Nichols said. “He’s a character that’s designed to steal scenes, and that’s what Cudi really does too. He comes in and you can’t help but pay attention to him.”

For his part, though Cudi aims to continue seeking out comedic roles, he says he was just as drawn to the more romantic elements of Two Night Stand’s storyline as he was to its rapid-fire humor.

“I just love that these two humans kind of get in this unlikely circumstance and they figure it out. It just says something about life, the spontaneity of it,” Cudi said. “You never know what can happen, you never know when you’re going to run into that person who could be the one. I think that’s a beautiful concept that never gets old.”

Two Night Stand opens in theaters Sept. 26 via Entertainment One.

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