Two People Hospitalized After ‘Explosion’ on ‘Hobbit’ Film

Mike Flokis/Getty Images

They suffered mild burns drilling on a statue on the New Zealand set of Peter Jackson's project Tuesday.

Two people working on Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit were hospitalized after an ‘explosion’ occurred on the movie's New Zealand set.

The film's publicist, Ceris Price, tells The Sydney Morning Herald that the incident occurred Tuesday morning in a production workshop when “a couple of the guys” were drilling on a statue and suffered “mild burns but nothing serious.” To call the incident an explosion was a “slight overstatement,” she added.

Price said one of the workers “had some burnt nostril hairs and, apparently if that’s the case, there is always the risk of inhalation so they get checked out.”

Production on The Hobbit has been rocky for some time.

Following months of delays, filming on the two-part film adaptation started in March after months of delays due to a labor dispute with the actors’ unions there. Jackson also underwent emergency surgery for a stomach ulcer earlier this year, halting production.

The Hobbit had a previous director, Guillermo Del Toro, but he backed out of the project last year due to delays.