Two projects get German funding

'Frau des Polizisten,' 'Hangtime' get NRW cash

BERLIN -- Director Philip Groning, whose documentary "Into Great Silence" won him a slew of accolades including a Special Jury Prize at Sundance and the European Film Award, was granted 350,000 euros ($517,264) in Filmstiftung NRW's lastest funding round.

His new project, "Die Frau des Polizisten," the story of a couple raising their child in a small town, marks Groning's return to features and will be filmed in North-Rhine Westphalia.

Filmstiftung NRW also doled out 830,748 euros ($1.2 million) to Cologne-based Little Shark Entertainment for Wolfgang Groos' first feature, "Hangtime." Groos, who worked as a director's assistant on Little Shark principal Sonke Wortmann's "The Miracle of Bern," will direct from a script by Christian Zuebert and Heinrich Hadding. 3L will release the film in Germany.
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