Two seats for brothers at 'Table 19'


Writer-directors Jay and Mark Duplass have sold their pitch "Table 19" to Fox Searchlight.

Shawn Levy and Tom McNulty of 21 Laps will produce the ensemble comedy-drama. 21 Laps exec Billy Rosenberg will oversee development.

Based on McNulty's fish-out-of-water stories from attending a good friend's wedding in England, the dramedy describes the experience of those wedding guests quarantined at the dreaded "singles table." Told from the points of view of the strangers randomly thrown together, the story explores what marriage means to those on the sidelines.

"We had tried to crack this idea with several writers over the years, and we were always huge fans of Mark and Jay Duplass," McNulty said. "When they said they wanted it to be their next film to write and direct, we were thrilled."

The Duplass brothers are repped by WMA. (partialdiff)