Only two spots left for Sunday's Super Bowl

Dick Ebersol says two ads went for up to $2.4 mil each

NEW YORK -- And then there were two.

NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol said Wednesday that the network sold two of its four remaining ads for the Super Bowl. The ads went for as much as $2.4 million each. Even with the poor economy, NBC's total revenue from the Super Bowl will likely be a record take. Some of the ads went for $3 million.

Ebersol expressed relief that NBC Sports was able to sell 85% of its inventory by Labor Day. That's particularly important because the economy began to come apart in September, and NBC had just come back from an all-hands-on-deck effort to sell the Beijing Olympics, which was a huge ratings success.

"This has become a story because some people look at it (Super Bowl ad sales) as a barometer of the U.S. economy," Ebersol said.

There's not a lot of visibility on the content of the Super Bowl ads, which are for the American viewing public just as importance as whatever the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals will do on the field Sunday night. Ebersol said he had been told that many are of the "same normal Super Bowl quality, meaning that the vast majority of them are worth waiting for."

Ebersol also said that a few directly address the problems in the American economy, with companies talking about how they can help.

"And I'm sure there are a couple that will rub people the wrong way," Ebersol joked.