Two Stuntmen Drown During Indian Film Shoot

Indian Stuntman - Screengrab - H 2016
YouTube screengrab

The two stuntmen, neither of whom could swim, jumped from a helicopter into a water reservoir while filming a scene for 'Maasti Gudi.'

An action sequence for an Indian film went very wrong Monday when two stuntmen drowned after jumping from a helicopter into a reservoir while filming a scene for the movie Maasti Gudi.

According to local reports, stuntmen Anil Verma and Raghav Uday, neither of whom knew how to swim, jumped into the water without life jackets. The Times of India reported that the film unit had a standby motorboat ashore that developed a last-minute snag and couldn't reach the two men, resulting in the tragedy.

The film's lead actor Duniya Vijay — a well-known star in the Kannada industry — had also jumped from the helicopter with the two stuntmen, but he survived after being rescued by a local boatman. A search operation for the bodies of the two men was still ongoing Tuesday.

The Hindu newspaper reported that local police had said that the production did not have permission to film inside the reservoir, located about 22 miles away from Bengaluru city. Footage of the incident was posted online by various local news outlets.

The police have registered a case of culpable homicide against the film's producer Sundar, director Nagashekhar and stunt director Ravi Verma.