Tyler Perry Netflix Thriller Trailer: Crystal Fox Fights to Prove She Didn't Kill Husband

A Fall from Grace Production Still - Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of Netflix

'A Fall from Grace' also stars Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, Mehcad Brooks, Cicely Tyson and Perry.

Crystal Fox fights to prove that she didn't murder her husband in the trailer for Tyler Perry's Netflix thriller A Fall from Grace.

The Netflix original film follows Grace Waters (Fox), a woman who is restored by a new romance after being disheartened since her ex-husband's affair. When Grace learns secrets about her new husband, though, her vulnerable side turns violent.

Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, Mehcad Brooks, Cicely Tyson and Perry round out the cast, while Perry also directed and wrote the screenplay.

The trailer opens with lawyer Jasmine (Webb) visiting Grace, who's serving time in prison. "When you wake up, you don't know that today will be the day to change your life," says a disgruntled Grace. Jasmine then asks what happened to land her behind bars and adds, "What did he do to you?"

Clips of Grace's life before her time in prison follow. While enjoying drinks, her friend encourages her to start dating following her divorce. Grace soon meets a younger man named Shannon (Brooks), and the two begin to date.

"I was falling hard. I didn't even know that a man could be that perfect," says Grace as glimpses from their relationship play, including Shannon proposing and their wedding. She continues, "It was a whirlwind. The happiest time of my life. That's when everything I knew shattered."

The relationship takes a dark turn when Shannon tells Grace that he doesn't want her to check up on him. Later at work, Grace's boss tells her that she has 24 hours to return money or else she will be arrested. "What money?" she replies.

Grace soon learns that someone hacked into her bank accounts and has stolen her identity. She accuses Shannon of framing her, though he argues that the money is his because they are married.

"It's your fault. You made this too easy," Shannon tells Grace. "Women your age, low-hanging fruit."

Shannon disappears and Grace is arrested, which leads the police to believe that she killed her husband.

Despite the media speculation that Grace is guilty, Jasmine believes that she is innocent and agrees to represent her in court. A montage follows that shows Jasmine defending Grace in court and clips of Grace's life spiraling out of control.

A Fall from Grace will be available to stream on Netflix on Jan. 17. Watch the full trailer below.