Tyler Perry to Host Obama at Exclusive DNC Fundraiser

Tyler Perry - H 2014
Amy Sussman

Tickets are selling for $33,500 per person to have dinner with the president at the actor's house on June 18.

President Barack Obama is returning to Los Angeles for another DNC fundraiser, this time hosted by actor Tyler Perry.

Obama will be in town on June 18 for the exclusive gathering at Perry’s Westside home. Tickets per person range from $2,500 (for those who want to listen to the president’s remarks) to $33,500 (which includes dinner with Obama).

In an email sent Friday, Democratic fundraisers included a 22-page attachment touting 236 accomplishments Obama has made in office. They range from “reforming Wall Street” to “enhancing civil rights.”

"That's why Democrats in all 50 states are working in neighborhoods and communities to advance issues like job creation, education, health care and clean energy," according to the email obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. "We need the resources to put Democrats in office to move our country forward. Since we do not take money from special interests, corporate lobbyists and political action committees, we must rely on dedicated Democrats like you. This is an excellent opportunity to see the president, to show him how much he is supported and how you are standing with him!"

A long-time Obama supporter, Perry hosted two fundraisers at his Atlanta studio for the president's reelection campaign in 2012.