Tyler Perry shingle eyes other voices

Matt Moore to run new division 34th Street Films

Tyler Perry's ready to share the love.

The multimedia mogul is launching 34th Street Films, a production arm of his Atlanta-based Tyler Perry Studios that will focus on recruiting outside filmmakers to work under and expand the Perry brand.

Former Jinks/Cohen executive vp Matt Moore will run the division as executive vp production and development. Perry's new venture also will include former State Street Pictures vp Poppy Hanks, who will join as vp production, and former New Line executive Amber Rasberry, who will be a creative executive. Moore and his team will work out of offices in Los Angeles.

"Working closely with Tyler and his team, we're excited to build upon his loyal following and identify projects that deliver for his core while also making inroads into audiences that may not yet be familiar with his work," Moore said.

In July, Perry, who is repped by WMA and attorney Matt Johnson of Ziffren, Brittenham, signed a new three-year, first-look pact with Lionsgate Films, the studio that has released every Perry film, including his 2005 breakthrough debut feature, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman." The deal requires Perry to deliver at least -- and everyone involved stressed the "at least" -- three films over the life of the contract.

But the explicit nature of the arrangement is to encourage Perry to broaden his audience by shepherding the work of other filmmakers who embrace a wider range of storytelling and casting choices. Lionsgate will retain a first-look position with 34th Street films as well.

"He's looking to work with other producers," Lionsgate president of production Mike Paseornek said last month. "I have producers coming out of the woodwork saying to me, 'Do you think this would be right for Tyler?' That's going to be exciting to see, with different producers, different writers, different directors and different subject matter."

Perry, who is about to lift the veil on a giant production facility outside Atlanta, most recently wrote, directed and co-starred in "Tyler Perry's the Family That Preys."