Tyler Perry Swings Into Action Mode in 'I, Alex Cross' (Video)

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The thriller marks the first major role for the "Madea" filmmaker that doesn't involve one of his own creations.

Tyler Perry jumps out of Madea drag and into action as the title character in I, Alex Cross, the big-screen adaptation of the popular James Patterson book.

I, Alex Cross marks the first major role Perry has undertaken that doesn't involve one of his projects. He has, however, appeared in normal, non-Madea garb in Star Trek, Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married Too?

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In addition to his I, Alex Cross film role, Perry oversees a ministudio in Atlanta with production facilities, several TV projects (the latest being Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse, debuting Nov. 23 on TBS) and a nonprofit foundation.

Perry purposely stays away from Hollywood -- he told George Lopez earlier this year, "I love L.A. but you know Hollywood, and the people there, everybody's so stiff, I just like real people" -- and makes sure each of his projects is branded with his name.

Perry explained to Lopez that he was building a brand with his projects in the vein of Walt Disney, "People give me flack, why is your name above every damn thing that you do? And it's not an ego thing, I tell anybody, if you're building a brand, you gotta look at people who've built brands before like Walt Disney. I want my name to be associated with hope, inspiration, fun, laughter, pot smoking...I'm kidding about the pot."

I, Alex Cross is currently shooting in Cleveland, where co-star Matthew Fox was arrested this past weekend.

Watch Perry in action as Alex Cross in this production outtake, first published on blackfilm.com: