Typhoon files for bankruptcy protection

Production company has budget overruns on new drama

BERLIN -- Typhoon, the high-profile German production house run by former RTL Television program head Marc Conrad, has filed for bankruptcy protection after budget overruns on its new drama series "Im Angesicht des Verbrechens" (In the Face of Crime).

Typhoon is producing the series for German public television with famed director Dominik Graf attached. But Cologne-based network WDR balked at the series' budget, forcing Typhoon to file for the local equivalent of Chapter 11.

The news comes a shock as Typhoon is one of Germany's most respected production companies.

Company credits include Oliver Hirschbiegel's psycho thriller "The Experiment" (2001) and Andreas Kleinert's critical favorite "Freischwimmer" (2007) as well as award-winning TV dramas "Abschnitt 40" and "Die Anstalt."