Tyra Banks Says Original 'Life-Size' Co-Star Lindsay Lohan Will Appear in Sequel

"[Lindsay] will be in ['Life-Size 2'] in some kind of way," Banks teased to The Hollywood Reporter.

Tyra Banks is returning to the fictional town of Sunnyvale — where, as Eve, she has simultaneously handled careers in medicine, aerospace and the fashion industry — to step back into the role as the magical doll in Life-Size 2

"I actually think we are going to surpass expectations because [for] me as a producer and actor in it, it surpassed my own expectations," Banks told The Hollywood Reporter.

The original film premiered nearly two decades ago in 2000, and starred a fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan as Casey Stuart, a young girl who accidentally transforms her doll into the perfect living woman. Banks admitted that she was disappointed the former child star couldn’t be involved in the sequel after previously expressing interest.

"She has this new TV show on MTV about this club so she couldn't make it, which was sad," said Banks. "[Lindsay] will be in the movie in some kind of way," the producer teased. "We'll see where that ends up."

Banks revealed that her new co-star, Grown-ish’s Francia Raisa, elevated the production of Life-Size 2 with her impressive acting chops. "We went to a spa together before we started shooting and that really bonded us," said Banks. "That girl can act, it's in her eyes."

Life-Size 2 is slated to premiere in December during Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. 

The model turned successful entrepreneur also revealed that her long-running reality competition America’s Next Top Model might have a foreseeable end if it returns. "I wonder, should I stop at [season] 25? Because I don't want it to stop at, like, 29. You know what I mean? You want it to stop at a round number,” the ANTM host said. 

Watch the video above to hear Banks reveal what led her to push the Golden Buzzer on the latest season of America’s Got Talent, how the original Life-Size song is getting revamped and more.