'U2 3D' trailer rocks confab


LAS VEGAS -- The trailer for "U2 3D," scheduled to open in the fall on 3-D-ready digital-cinema screens, had its worldwide premiere Thursday at ShoWest.

After the trailer screened, ShoWest delegates were treated to a clip of the band performing its hit "Sunday Bloody Sunday" as part of the concert production, produced by 3ality Digital Systems and Reality Digital Entertainment, and exhibited using 3-D provider Real D's system.

"For the last couple of years, we have focused on the delivery of premium 3-D entertainment, and these pioneers (3ality) have worked very hard to improve the art of 3-D filmmaking," Real D chairman and CEO Michael Lewis said.

Reflecting anticipated growth in the sector, 3ality Digital is building a new 20,000-square-foot facility in Burbank.

The Real D presentation included the trailer of the Walt Disney Co.'s 3-D feature "Meet the Robinsons," set for March 30; as well as two National Geographic 3-D programs, "Lions 3-D: Roar of the Kalahari" and "Sea Monsters," slated for release in the spring and fall, respectively.

Real D also showed a clip from a video game based on Disney's "Chicken Little," presented to demonstrate that 3-D games could be offered as alternative content in digital-cinema theaters. "Over 1,000 games have been produced in 3-D for the computer," said Joe Peixoto, president of worldwide cinema at Real D. "They are not seen in 3-D, but they are produced in 3-D. Those are off the shelf; you can go from your computer into your DLP projector."

Kodak's Digital Cinema system and a DLP Cinema 2K projector enabled the Real D demonstration.

Also on Thursday, Sony Electronics hosted a session on 4K production and exhibition, which presented 4K digital cinematography as a lensing option.

The 4K demo featured guest speaker Rob Hummel, president of Dalsa Digital Cinema, which manufacturers the Origin 4K digital-cinematography camera.

Clips lensed with the Origin were screened in a Sony 4K projection environment. This included dailies from production of "The Warrior Within," an independent feature lensed last month by director of photography David Stump.