U2 Bassist's Adam Clayton's Ex-Assistant Found Guilty of Embezzling $3.5 Million

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Carol Hawkins, who worked for the musician for 17 years, has been convicted on 181 counts of theft.

A former assistant for U2's Adam Clayton has been convicted of embezzling about $3.5 million (2.8 million euros) from the bassist, Rolling Stone reports.

Carol Hawkins, who worked for Clayton for 17 years, was found guilty in Dublin on 181 counts of theft from 2004 to 2008, during which she had been a signatory on two of Clayton's bank accounts and wrote checks to her personal account. Among her splashiest purchases: 22 horses, luxury vacations and a Volkwagen Golf.

In 2008, Hawkins confessed to spending between $16,300 and $18,000 (13,000-15,000 euros) of Clayton's money to see her kids in the U.S. and London. She has been released on bail and will be sentenced Friday.