U2's The Edge Explains Stage Fall, "Can't Quite Believe" He Wasn't Hurt (Video)

U2 discussing The Edge's fall

"It would have been the shortest tour in history,” the guitarist jokes if his fall had turned out badly.

U2 guitarist The Edge says he's "feeling fine" after falling off the stage during the opening night concert on the band's Innocence and Experience Tour.

He further told CBS Sunday Morning's Anthony Mason, who sat down with the band for an interview that will air on May 24, that he doesn't even have a scratch from the incident, which amazes him because he and his bandmates are aware the accident could have been much worse.

"I can't quite believe [I wasn't hurt] because when I looked down the following day to see what I fell on, it was not good," Edge said. "I looked down, and I was like, oof, thinking about it."

Bassist Adam Clayton said when Edge stepped off the stage and fell he was "sick in the pit of my stomach because I knew what was down there."

Drummer Larry Mullen added that the fall could have had disastrous consequences: "Start and end [the tour] in the same evening."

"It would have been the shortest tour in history,” Edge said.

"I was thinking about days off myself," Bono joked.

The Edge also explained how he fell. "It was a moment of reverie where I just completely lost track of where I was on the stage,” he said. “Out of the corner of my eye I could see the curve of the round and I thought I was already there. I stepped off on what I thought was the stage and I had basically cut the corner. It was one of those things you do only once.”

During the interview, which takes viewers backstage on the band's current tour and covers the group's latest album and how they've managed to stay together for almost 40 years, Bono also talked about his recent bike accident, saying he remembers "nothing" of what happened.

But, thanks to the Edge, he's starting to be more careful.

“Edge says that I look at my body like it’s an inconvenience,” Bono said. “And that I need to be more mindful. And you know I’ve been disagreeing with Edge all my life on musical matters, but I’m starting to pay much more attention to him on philosophical ones.”

Watch a preview of U2's CBS Sunday Morning interview below.

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