U2's The Edge Given Permission to Build Five Malibu Homes

Kevin Winter/American Idol 2011/Getty Images
U2's The Edge

The musician has been trying to obtain the permits since 2006

U2 guitarist The Edge has been granted permission by the California Coastal Commission to build five homes on the Malibu coast.

Following a years-long dispute over the plans, the commission announced on its website that it is permitting the Irish musician, whose real name is David Evans, to move forward with developing the homes and an access road on Sweetwater Mesa in the Santa Monica mountains. The Los Angeles Times first reported the news.

The agreement involves a compromise, as the area of development will be smaller than Evans initially wanted, and he will have to make other concessions based on ecological preservation.

Evans had tried to obtain permits for the homes back in 2006, with the housing-development plans getting rejected in 2011. The commission initially expressed concerns that the construction of five mansions would disturb the environment and mar an undeveloped portion of the coastline. 

U2 has been making headlines recently for having released its newest album Songs of Innocence for free on iTunes. It's safe to say that not everyone has appreciated the gift. 

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