Uber Confirms Spotify Integration

Dorothy Hong
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

The companies made the news official Monday

Uber is bringing personalized music to its on-demand car service.

CEO Travis Kalanick on Monday announced a partnership with Spotify that will allow Uber customers to play their music when they take a ride. 

Beginning Friday, Nov. 21, Uber customers will be given the option of syncing their Spotify accounts. When they request a ride, they can then choose what music they want playing in their car through the Uber app. 

"We're trying to create highly evolved experiences," Kalanick said during a press call. "This is the first time we've personalized the experience inside the car." 

Kalanick was speaking from New York, where he had met with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to announce the news. He says the pair first met about three months ago in Stockholm to discuss the deal. 

"There are three main places people listen to music: in your home, on the go and in your car," Ek added. "One of the big things for us is how to get into the car. Uber is such an obvious fit for us. Having Spotify in your Uber car takes your experience to the next level." 

Uber is rolling out the Spotify integration in 10 cities: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Nashville, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Stockholm, Sydney and Singapore. The service, which will eventually become available in all cities where Uber operates, is available for most Uber car options, with the exception of the new Uber Pool, and is available only for Spotify's paid premium subscribers. 

Uber drivers have to opt into the program for it to be available to customers. "We're already getting great feedback from drivers, and they're excited about providing this service for the riders," Kalanick said. 

Uber and Spotify are expected to announce additional details this week about the partnership, which broke over the weekend, ahead of the Friday launch, including promotional events with artists Diplo, Andrew W.K. and Jake Owen


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