Uber Sexual Harassment Movie in the Works With Whistleblower Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler -Verve - Publicity -H 2017
Courtesy of Verve

'Hidden Figures' scripter Allison Schroeder will pen the feature for Good Universe.

Susan Fowler, the woman who exposed Uber's rampant sexual harassment issues with her viral blog post, is partnering with Good Universe for a movie about her experience at the ride share company.

In her post, "Reflecting on One Very, Very Strange Year at Uber," Fowler detailed a year's worth of harassment as an engineer at the company, which has been described as indicative of the overall sexist Silicon Valley culture. Her story prompted an internal investigation at Uber, which would eventually lead to CEO Travis Kalanick's resignation.

Hidden Figures scripter Allison Schroeder will pen the feature, titled Disruptors, which is described as Erin Brockovich meets The Social Network. Kristin Burr is producing.

Fowler gave her first interview since her blog post and Kalanick's resignation this weekend to The New York Times, saying "I felt like I was standing up for everyone else that I was seeing at Uber who was mistreated. It was an extremely demoralizing environment. I would see people who would get harassed or made fun of or bullied and they would go report it, and they would just get ground down by upper management and H.R."

The project comes a few weeks after Good Universe was acquired by Lionsgate, with co-founder Joe Drake being named as co-chair of Lionsgate's Motion Picture Group.

Schroeder is working with Disney on a Christopher Robin movie that is set to star Hayley Atwell and Ewan McGregor. She is repped by Verve and Good Fear.  

Fowler and Burr are repped by Verve.