UbiQ Showcase Clicks Off In Paris?

The first annual event will bring more than 500 media industry giants to the French capital for a focus on how to monetize media brands in a digital era.

??Top media executives from the TV, music, games, internet, mobile, social media and brand content industries will download in Paris on Monday for the first annual digital entertainment showcase UbiQ. 

The two-day rendez-vous – pronounced “yoo-beek”-  will play host to crossover conferences, masterclasses and networking at former Paris stock exchange the Palais Bronghiart.? The brand new event is based on the fact that media and advertising companies are being forced to reinvent themselves in the face of increasingly fragmented audiences on all platforms from TV to games to music to web.?

While entertainment showcases exist across the globe, UbiQ is hoping to set itself apart with a more modern perspective and a focus on how to monetize media brands in a digital era.?

“I’m not afraid to say that it’s about making money. It’s a pragmatic event where everyone can learn from each other,” UbiQ founder and CEO Gwenael Flatres told The Hollywood Reporter

He added: “The goal was to create an event that is adapted to an evolving market. Plus, there was nothing like this in Paris.” ?Innovators  from major media companies will head to the French capital for the event, but will have only 10 minutes each to speak about their designated topic at showcases and keynoters will be given only 20 minutes to share their visions.?“There won’t be any ‘bla bla bla’ as you say in English,” Flatres promised of the to-the-point speeches and case studies.

?The event aims to bring leaders from different industries together for what Flatres calls “a one-stop shop between different platforms” where they can share their experiences on how to make money online with digital media and entertainment.?More than 500 companies from 32 different countries including more than 70 top level speakers will attend the unprecedented event.

?Notable speakers from the event’s crowded program include former Marketing Director of Facebook and current CEO of RtoZ Media Randi Zuckerberg, President of Ogilvy Entertainment Doug Scott, SVP Digital Media of Viacom International Media Networks Philip Bourchier O’Ferrall, Disney Mobile’s Head of Music Business Affairs Gwen Bethel Riley and Director of Transmedia at Ubisoft Canada Louis-Pierre Pharand.?

“Even I’m surprised and quite shocked by the response we’ve gotten. Everyone said yes right away,” Flatres said. ?Flatres worked as head of Digital Business Development at MIPCOM and MIPTV for five years before branching off for his own event.

“We’re no longer dealing with a market where we can just buy and sell things. The market is evolving very fast and there’s a real need for shared experiences between different industries,” he explained, adding: “What’s modern about UbiQ is that we’re looking at things not based on sector, but based on issues, all with an entertainment angle.”?

For example, YouTube and Google representatives will share their experiences on how to join forces to maximize promotion and revenue streams through video-sharing platforms in a special showcase that will highlight YouTube “not in the way we’re used to seeing them,” according to Flatres.

?In addition to the organized showcases, UbiQ organizers are also hoping the dialogue will continue off of the stages and out of the conference rooms. An opening night cocktail will be held on the event’s first night July 19th on the Palais Brongiart’s steps complete with music by Deezer followed by an after-party at the David Lynch-designed hotspot Silencio.

?UbiQ runs June 18 and 19 in Paris.