UCLA Students Protest After Trump Is Named President-Elect

Donald Trump Onstage - Getty - H 2016
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LAPD confirmed that they were called to the scene to facilitate the situation.

UCLA students took to the streets near campus early Wednesday morning in response to Donald Trump being named president-elect.

LAPD confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that they were called to the scene to facilitate the situation.

The protests began soon after Trump's victory speech, during which he announced he had received a call from Hillary Clinton conceding the election.

Videos posted on social media show a large group of students marching through the surrounding streets of the UCLA campus in the Westwood area of Los Angeles.

The Daily Bruin student newspaper reported that the crowd of students was "at least 1,000," and students' chants included "Not my president."

According to the Associated Press, Trump's victory set off overnight protests on both coasts. From Pennsylvania to California, Oregon and Washington, hundreds of people hit the streets to voice their opposition to Trump's win over Hillary Clinton.

More than 100 protesters in Oakland took to downtown streets. KNTV-TV reported that protesters burned Trump in effigy, smashed windows of the Oakland Tribune newsroom and set tires and trash on fire.

The California Highway Patrol says a woman was struck by a car during the protest and severely injured.

In Oregon, dozens of people blocked traffic in downtown Portland and forced a delay for trains on two light rail lines. Media reports say the crowd grew to about 300 people, including some who sat in the middle of the road to block traffic. The crowd of anti-Trump protesters burned American flags and chanted "That's not my president."

In Seattle, a group of about 100 protesters gathered in the Capital Hill neighborhood, blocked roads and set a trash bin on fire.

In Pennsylvania, hundreds of University of Pittsburgh students marched through the streets, with some in the crowd calling for unity. The student-run campus newspaper, the Pitt News, tweeted about an event later Wednesday titled "Emergency Meeting: Let's Unite to Stop President Trump."

Posts from the UCLA protest via social are media below: