UDE plans English co-prod in China


SINGAPORE -- Upside Down Entertainment has entered an $11 million co-financing and co-production deal in China with Hanwen Animation Co. to produce an English-language animated martial arts film and a live-action TV series.

The animated epic, tentatively titled "Last Days," and the live TV series, tentatively titled "Colorful Fish," will target the international market, the companies said in a statement.

The bulk of the production work will be done in HAC's studios in Suzhou, the capital of China's east coast province of Jiangsu.

"Last Days" tells the story of a prince who runs away from his murderous father, but returns with his friends to save the kingdom when the Mongolian hordes of Kublai Khan invade. No details were released on "Colorful Fish."

UDE is a joint-venture between Singapore-based media company Upside Down Media Group and Los Angeles-based Quixotic Media Group.

Separately, UDE has begun pre-production on two feature films, "Accidental Love" and "Sky Pirate," both of which are slated to begin shooting in September.