Udine Far East Film Festival Unveils Lineup

"The Lone Bladesman" will open the film festival, which begins April 29 in Italy.

The Lone Bladesman is the surprise opening night film for the 13th annual Udine Far East Film Festival, which begins April 29 in Udine, Italy. The film, announced Monday as the surprise selection, is the latest from Infernal Affairs directors Alan Mak and Felix Chong.

The first night of the festival will also include the European premiere of Welcome to Shama Town, a mystery from new director Li Weiran, and a screening of Night Fishing, a 33-minute horror film from Korean director Park Chan-wook shot entirely on an iPhone 4.

The festival will include 87 films over its nine days of screenings, including 50 films in competition from 12 different countries, plus two retrospectives. On May 7, the festival will conclude with the Chinese remake of What Women Want, the 2000 romantic comedy starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, as well as Law Wing Cheong’s thriller Punished.

Below is the complete list of films screening at the festival:

Aftershock, FENG Xiaogang, China 2010, melodrama, Italian Premiere
Buddha Mountain, LI Yu, China 2011, drama, Italian Premiere
The Lost Bladesman, Alan MAK & Felix CHONG, China 2011, martial arts, European Premiere
The Piano in a Factory, ZHANG Meng, China, 2010 musical-drama-comedy, Italian Premiere
Under the Hawthorn Tree, ZHANG Yimou, drama, China 2010, Italian Premiere
Welcome to Shama Town, LI Weiran, black comedy, China 2010, European Premiere
What Women Want, CHEN Daming, China 2011, romantic comedy, European Premiere
Wind Blast, GAO Qunshu, China 2010, action, Italian Premiere

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Johnnie TO, Hong Kong 2011, romantic comedy, European Premiere
The Drunkard, Freddie WONG, Hong Kong 2010, drama, European Premiere
Lover's Discourse, Derek TSANG & Jimmy WAN, Hong Kong 2010, romance, European Premiere
Perfect Wedding,  Barbara WONG, Hong Kong 2010, romantic comedy, International Festival Premiere
Punished, LAW Wing-cheong, Hong Kong 2011, thriller, International Festival Premiere
The Stool Pigeon, Dante LAM, Hong Kong 2010, action thriller, Italian Premiere

Bedevilled, JANG Cheol-soo, South Korea 2010, thriller, Italian Premiere
Cyrano Agency, KIM Hyun-seok, South Korea 2010, comedy, European Premiere
Foxy Festival, LEE Hae-young, South Korea 2010, erotic comedy, International Festival Premiere
Haunters, KIM Min-suk, South Korea 2010, action fantasy, International Festival Premiere
The Man from Nowhere, LEE Jeong-beom, South Korea 2010, action thriller, Italian Premiere
My Dear Desperado, KIM Kwang-sik, South Korea 2010, romantic comedy
Night Fishing, PARKing CHANce, South Korea 2011, horror fantasy, Italian Premiere
Romantic Heaven, JANG Jin, South Korea 2011, fantasy drama, International Festival Premiere
The Showdown, PARK Hoon-jung, South Korea 2011, action thriller, International Festival Premiere
Troubleshooter, KWON Hyeok-jae, South Korea 2010, action thriller, European Premiere
The Unjust, RYOO Seung-wan, South Korea 2010, corruption thriller, Italian Premiere
Villain & Widow, SON Jae-gon, South Korea 2010, comedy-thriller-drama, International Festival Premiere

Cannonball Wedlock, MAEDA Koji, Japan 2011, comedy drama, International Festival Premiere
Confessions, NAKASHIMA Tetsuya, Japan 2010, revenge drama, Italian Premiere
The Lady Shogun and Her Men, KANEKO Fuminori, Japan 2010, period drama, International Festival Premiere
The Lightning Tree, HIROKI Ryuichi, Japan 2010, mystery-romance, European Premiere
Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night, NAGAE Toshikazu, Japan 2010, horror, International Festival Premiere
SABI♂SABI♀- Quirky Guys and Gals, FUJITA Yosuke, MATSUNASHI Tomoko, OH Mipo, SEKIGUCHI Gen, Japan 2011, omnibus comedy, International Festival Premiere
Seaside Motel, MORIYA Kentaro, Japan 2010, black comedy, European Premiere
Underwater Love, IMAOKA Shinji, Japan 2011, pink musical, European Premiere
Villain, LEE Sang-il, Japan 2010, dark romantic drama, European Premiere
Wandering Home, HIGASHI Yoichi, Japan 2010, drama, Italian Premiere
Yakuza Weapon, YAMAGUCHI Yudai, SAKAGUCHI Tak, Japan 2011, violent-action-comedy, Italian Premiere

Here Comes the Bride, Chris MARTINEZ, The Philippines 2010, fantasy comedy, European Premiere
Rakenrol, Quark HENARES, The Philippines 2011, rock-n-roll youth, World Premiere
Wanted: Border, Ray Defante GIBRALTAR, The Philippines 2010, drama, International Festival Premiere

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Puttipong Promsakha Na SAKONNAKORN & Wasin POKPONG, Thailand 2010, romantic-teen-comedy, European Premiere
Bangkok Knockout, Panna RITTIKRAI, Morakot KAEWTHANEE,Thailand 2010, martial arts, European Premiere
Mindfulness and Murder, Tom Waller,Thailand 2011, detective thriller, European Premiere

Belkibolang, Sidi SALEH, EDWIN, Wisnu Surya PRATAMA, Azhar LUBIS, Anggun PRIAMBODO, Rico MARPAUNG, Tumpal TAMPUBOLON, Ifa ISFANSYAH, omnibus drama, Indonesia 2010, Italian Premiere

Night Market Hero, YEH Tien Lun, Taiwan 2011, comedy, European Premiere

Floating Lives, NGUYEN Phan Quang Binh, Vietnam 2010, drama, European Premiere

Forever, WEE Li Lin, Singapore 2011, dark romance, European Premiere

Operation Tatar, BAATAR Bat-Ulzii, Mongolia 2010, black comedy, International Festival Premiere

Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah, Mamat KHALID, Malaysia 2010, horror comedy, International Festival Premiere
Seru, WOO Ming Jin & Pierre ANDRÉ, Malaysia 2011, horror, International Festival Premiere


Tribute to Michael Hui
Chicken and Duck Talk, Clifton KO, Hong Kong 1988
Games Gamblers Play, Michael HUI, Hong Kong 1974
The Private Eyes, Michael HUI, Hong Kong 1976
The Warlord, LI Hanxiang, Hong Kong 1972

Tribute to Segawa Masaharu
The Drifters: Hey Suckers!! Here We Come!!, SEGAWA Masaharu, Japan 1975
A Man's Weak Point, SEGAWA Masaharu, Japan 1973
Topsy-Turvy Journey, SEGAWA Masaharu, Japan 1969

The Greatest Civil War, WANG Tian Lin (WONG Tin Lam), Hong Kong 1961
How to Get a Wife, CHUN Kim, Hong Kong 1961
Pedicab Driver, Sammo HUNG, Hong Kong 1989

Labor’s Love, ZHANG Shichuang, China 1922, silent movie
Mr. Wang Got a Meal Hardly, TANG Jie, China 1939
Tomboy, FANG Peiling, China 1936

Brother Wang and Brother Liu on the Road in Taiwan - Parts 1 & 2, LEE Hsing, Taiwan 1959
Who Is the Real Tycoon?, Kevin CHU (CHU Yen-ping), Taiwan 1980

Under the Sky of Seoul, LEE Hyung-pyo, South Korea 1961
An Upstart, KIM Soo-yong, South Korea 1961

Jack and Jill, Mar S. TORRES, The Philippines 1954
Will Your Heart Beat Faster?, Mike DE LEON, The Philippines 1980

Mat Bond, Mat SENTOL, M. AMIN, Malaysia – Singapore, 1967
Ali Baba & The Moldy Bachelors, P.RAMLEE, Malaysia, 1961


Abnormal Family, SUO Masayuki, Japan 1984
Adultery Diary, SATO Toshiki, Japan 1996
An Aria on Gazes, SATO Hisayasu, Japan 1992
Blue Film Woman, MUKAI Kan, Japan 1969
Blue Sky, ZEZE Takahisa, Japan 1989
High Noon Ripper, TAKITA Yojiro, Japan 1984
Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands, YAMATOYA Atsushi, Japan 1967
Last Bullet, SANO Kazuhiro, Japan 1989
Lead Tombstone, WAKAMATSU Koji, Japan 1964
Lunch Box, IMAOKA Shinji, Japan 2004
Rape Case - No Indictment, WATANABE Mamoru, Japan 1979
Rustling in Bed, TAJIRI Yuji, Japan 1999
Slow Motion, ENOMOTO Toshiro, Japan 1996
Wet Peony, UMEZAWA Kaoru, Japan 1970
Yariman, SAKAMOTO Rei, Japan 2008