UFA Cinema attracts more top talent

Constantin execs join German production giant

BERLIN -- Would-be production giant UFA Cinema has poached more top talent from competitor Constantin Film as it gears up its slate for 2009.

Patrick Zorer, a production exec on Constantin's "Resident Evil: Extinction" and producer of Doris Doerrie's recent sleeper hit "Cherry Blossoms -- Hanami," has been named UFA's new production manager.

UFA has also nabbed Nina Maag, who last worked with Constantin subsidiary Rat Pack on this year's hit "The Wave," for a leading production position.

Also joining UFA is up-and-comer Mattias Adler, whose first independent project, "Novemberkind," has been a critical favorite and recently won the audience award at the Max Ophuls festival.

Oliver Dressnandt, who signed up with UFA this summer, has been promoted to the post of production executive, coordinating between development, production and management at the Berlin-based group.

UFA, a subsidiary of television production giant FremantleMedia ("American Idol") has ambitious plans for 2009 as it kick-starts its production slate, which includes adaptations of international best-sellers "The Physician," "Three Bags Full" and "Die Mittagsfrau."