UFA's 'Nanni' lands Medienboard subsidy

Project based on popular Enid Blyton children's books

BERLIN -- Potsdam-based UFA Cinema has scored a 200,000 euros ($310,000) subsidy from local body Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg for its theatrical project "Hanni und Nanni," based on the popular series of classic children's books by Enid Blyton.

The offshoot of the German television giant launched this year with the intention of developing its theatrical business, at a time when many companies were going in the other direction -- toward Germany's lucrative TV market.

The co-production with Teamworx will star Hannelore Elsner, Katharina Thalbach and Heino Ferch. The director has yet to be announced.

Medienboard also funded comedian Mario Barth's theatrical debut "Mannersache," allocating 400,000 euros ($620,000) to the Constantin production, which will focus on male/female relationships.

Of the 108 projects vying for money in this funding round, Medienboard rewarded 47 with a total 5.9 million euros ($9.1 million).