UFC boss sets mob drama at Spike

Network orders pilot from Dana White, Tom Lynch

Spike TV has put a hit out on the Irish mob, ordering a two-hour drama pilot from executive producers Dana White and Tom Lynch that will be directed by Walter Hill.

The untitled project, from MGM Television Entertainment, centers on the explosive fallout when a Boston mob boss vacates his position and rival factions face off in a battle to control the streets.

It marks the first scripted project for White, who serves as UFC president and hosts Spike's series "The Ultimate Fighter." ICM-repped Hill ("Broken Trail") will helm the pilot, which will shoot in Boston this fall.

White, who lived in Boston for 10 years, said he came up with the idea about three years ago and brought Chris Bertolini ("The General's Daughter") on board to write the script. The duo connected through their mutual reps at Endeavor.

White added that the project is a good fit for Spike. "I know who I'm catering to, and that's 18- to 34-year-old males who are the ones watching Spike TV," he said. "We're going to push the limits on this show, like 'Nip/Tuck' and 'The Shield' -- violence, sex, bad language. We're going to see how big Spike's balls are on this one."